Al Khair Capital (Dubai) Limited is an investment company licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority & owned by Al Khair Capital Saudi Arabia. The major shareholder in Al Khair Capital Saudi Arabia is Bank Al Khair. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Bahrain, Bank Al Khair is an Islamic wholesale bank with subsidiaries in Malaysia and Turkey.


  • To announce the launch of Al Khair Capital in Dubai and opening of its office in DIFC
  • To educate the media about Al Khair and create visibility for Al Khair capital, among the finance and banking sector in Dubai


  • INTO-ALL which has carved a niche as a leading public relations advisory on account of its vast experience in financial sector – suggested a launch event for Al Khair Capital , by hosting a gala dinner to celebrate the opening of its branch in Dubai
  • Senior editors from the top-notch media such as Bloomberg, Arabian Business, CPI Financial and many other prominent journalists were invited to the event.
  • Well-known Commentators from the financial & banking sector and financial analysists were invited to attract the media to the event.


  • The introduction of Al Khair Capitals’ first office in Dubai was launched with a blast of media coverage.
  • Over 68 unique stories appeared for the launch itself; it was covered by all the major media outlets including electronic media.
  • 100% reports were positive; there wasn’t any single neutral or negative clipping in the media.

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